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Hell's Muffins
Hell's Muffins: We measure cinnamon by the tablespoon! One day in middle school, my dear old friend Rebecca, who loves to cook, made some muffins. But these were no ordinary muffins. The recipe required one of her very favorite things in the world: cinnamon. To be exact, three teaspoons of cinnamon. Unfortunately, Rebecca wasn't exact and misread "teaspoons" as "tablespoons." She even added some cinnamon on top of the finished muffins. When she offered our friend Meaghan a muffin, Meaghan graciously accepted and paid for her ignorance with a mouth aflame that sent her scrambling to the water fountain. Rebecca, however, didn't see what the big deal was. She had no idea that she had created...Hell's Muffins.

If you enjoy or have been the victim of infernally cinnamonized muffins or other baked goods, get yourself one of these hot shirts that will make your tongue tingle just by looking at it.